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Product Name:DZX-E3 Electronics Lab System
Product Series:Electrotechnics & Electronics Technology Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    DZX-E3 is designed for the experiments covering the courses of "Analog Electronics Technology", "Digital Electronics Technology" and "EDA Technology & Application", which address the requirements of colleges or vocational schools. The equipment consists of basic unit and a desk with metal framework. The basic unit is equipped with the functional blocks which are analog electronics board, digital electronics board, power supply, function generator and instruments etc. The connection leads are fitted with 2mm stackable shrouded safety connectors made from double insulated cable. Safety has been paramount during the development of this equipment and every effort has been made to protect both the user and instruments.
    • Power supply: single-phase 220V±10% 50Hz
    • Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    • Power capacity: <0.5VA
    • Weight: 80kg
    • Dimensions: 155×73×130 cm
    •The same as DZX-E1

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