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Product Name:THKSCM-E2 MCU Development Lab System
Product Series:Microprocessor and its Application (MCU, CPLD/FPGA, ARM, DSP) Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THKSCM-E2 is designed to perform the experiments of  "SCM Principle & Applications", "SCM technology", and "SCM Principle & Interface Technology", which addresses the requirements of colleges or vocational schools. It is equipped with abundant interface circuits, the open-designed minimum system and brought-out CPU pins facilitate users developing, additionally, a special MCU simulator with real-time simulating function is available.
    • Available MCU simulator, equipped with Keil uVision2 software with functions of editing, compiling, download, step, tracing, breakpoint, and running, etc. Both assembly and C language can be used for programming.
    • Application instances and test program of various interface circuits are provided for users mastering the applications.
    • Power supply: single-phase 220V±10% 50Hz    
    • Environment temperature:  -10℃~+40℃
    • Power capacity: <0.5kVA   
    • Dimensions: 162×73×130 cm
    Software experiment
        • Memory block reset
        • Binary BCD code transformation
        • Binary ASCII code transformation
        • Procedures jump table
        • Memory block migration
        • Data sorting
    Basic experiment
        • P1 port input, output experiment
        • Relay control experiment
        • Audio driver experiment
        • Timer experiment
        • Timer output PWM experiment
        • Counter experiment
        • Watchdog experiment
        • External interrupt experiment
        • EEPROM external program memory experiment
        • Flash ROM external program memory experiment
        • SRAM External data memory expansion experiment
        • 93C46 series EEPROM data read and write experiment
        • I2C bus experiment
        • 8253 counter/timer experiment
        • 8155 I/O expansion experiment
        • 8255 I/O expansion experiment
        • 74LS164 series convert into parallel experiment
        • 74LS165 parallel convert into series experiment
        • Use 74LS245 read data experiment
        • Use 74LS273 output data experiment
        • 74HC138 decoder experiment
        • Enquiries keyboard experiment
        • 7279 array keyboard experiment
        • LED Bi-color lattice display experiment
        • Series static display experiment
        • 16×16 LED lattice display experiment
        • DAC0832 parallel A/D experiment
        • ADIRECT CURRENT0809 parallel A/D conversion experiment
        • MC14433 parallel A/D conversion experiment
        • LTC1446 series A/D conversion experiment
        • TLC549 series A/D conversion experiment
    Interface application development experiment
        • RS232 communication interface
        • RS485 communication interface
        • Real-time clock (RTC) experiment
        • IC card reader experiment
        • Voice chip control experiment
        • V/F conversion and F/V conversion experiment
        • DS18B20 temperature sensor experiment
        • Infrared emission and reception experiment
        • Electric piano simulation experiment
        • Car turn signal experiment
        • Intersection traffic experiment
        • Stage lights simulation experiment
        • Stepper motor simulation experiment
        • DIRECT CURRENT motor control experiment (physical)
        • Stepper motor control experiment (physical)

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