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Product Name:THUEA-E1 Embedded (ARM 9) Development Lab System
Product Series:Microprocessor and its Application (MCU, CPLD/FPGA, ARM, DSP) Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THUEA-E1 consists of S3C2410 microprocessor, 64M Nandflash, 64M Sdram, RS232, 4×4 keyboard, Ethernet, USB, audio I/O interface, LCD & touch screen, IRDA, IDE HD interface, SD and CF card, GPRS module (optional),multi-function expansion module, motor module, double CAN interface and RS485, PS/2 interface, standard 20 pins ICE JTAG emulator interface and an advanced emulator etc. and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses.
    • Microprocessor fundamental
    • Drive module
    • Operating system transplant

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