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Product Name:THKSK-E2 4-Axis Advanced Motion Control Lab System
Product Series:Electromechanical (including Motion Control and Electromechanical) Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THKSK-E2 consists of motion control card, drive device and actuator (2 servo motors and 2 step motors), input/output modules. It is designed for the courses of "Mechanical & Electrical Transmission Control", "Motor Control", "Computer Control Technology", "Mechanical & Electrical Integration", "Motion Control" and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses.
    • Power supply: Single-phase 220V±10% 50Hz   
    • Environment temperature:  -10℃~+40℃
    • Power capacity: <0.8kVA
    • Weight: 60kg     
    • Dimensions: 118×72×127cm
    • Sensor theory and application
    • Motor and driver usage
    • Adjustment of servo motor PID parameter
    • Control modules application and programming of trapezium curve, S curve, rotation speed curve, and electronics gear curve
    • High speed position catching & the break control
    • I/O Interface Application and Programming
    • Linear & circular interpolation control
    • 4-axis coupled motion
    • The NC code programming

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