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Product Name:THKSS-ED Signals and Systems Lab System
Product Series:Signals & Systems·Automatic Control Principle Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THKSS-ED is designed for the course of "Signals and Systems", which addresses the requirements of colleges and vocational schools. It greatly benefits the hands-on ability of students. Safety has been paramount during the development of this equipment and every effort has been made to protect both the user and instruments.
    Fundamental experiments
      • Zero-input, zero-state & full response
      • Impulse response and step response of first order system
      • Decompose & compose of non-sinusoidal periodic signals
      • Frequency characteristics testing of system function
      • S-plane analysis of second order resonant system
      • Stability of linear system
      • Active & passive filters
      • Signal undistorted transmission
      • Full-pass filter
      • Transformation among LPF, HPF, BPF
      • Signal sampling and restoring (Sampling theorem)
      • Modulation and demodulation
      • Pulse code modulation (PCM)
      • Frequency division multiplexing
      • Time division multiplexing
      • Switched capacitor filter (SCF)
      • Self-oscillation of feedback system
      • Simulation of second-order network function
      • System controllability and observability
      • State loci of second order network
    MATLAB-based simulation experiment (self-equipped MATLAB software)
      • Representation of signals in time domain
      • Basic operations of signals
      • Impulse response and step response of continuous time system
      • Simulation of second-order system
      • Zero-input, zero-state & full-response of system
      • Stability of linear system
      • Signal undistorted transmission
      • Signal sampling & restoring
      • Amplitude modulation & demodulation
      • Frequency characteristics of filters
      • Decompose and compose of signals
      • Frequency spectrum of periodic signal
      • Frequency response of LTI system

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