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Product Name:THKGPZ-E1 High-frequency Electronic Circuits Lab System
Product Series:Hydraulic Drive & Pneumatic Drive Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THKGPZ-E1 is designed to enable the study of High Frequency Electronics. 11 experiments based on the course of High Frequency Electronics can be carried out with the apparatus, and the focus is the overall commissioning between high-frequency transmitting and superheterodyne receiving system. High Frequency Electronics is the fundamentals of modern radio & communication technology. The conventional High Frequency Electronics comprises signal generating (sine wave, non-sine wave, carrier wave and waveforms conversion), modulating (AM, FM), transmitting & receiving (tuned filter, frequency conversion, detection, frequency demodulation, intermediate-frequency-selection amplification).
      • Typical circuits with prominent theory;
      • Operating frequency ranging from 100 kHz to 100 MHz;
      • Combination of separated components, integrated circuits and ASIC;
      • Separately designed experimental units with cooperation ability;
      • Built-in power supply.
    • LC & crystal oscillators
    • Function generator
    • Amplitude modulation & demodulation
    • Varactor diode frequency modulator & phase detector
    • High-frequency power amplification & transmitting
    • Small signal-tuned amplification & receiving
    • Local oscillator
    • Integrated multiplier mixing
    • Transistor mixing
    • Secondary frequency conversion & detection
    • Crystal diode detection
    • Receiver overall test
    • Transmitter overall test

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