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Product Name:THEX-E1 Modern Communication Principle & Technology Lab System
Product Series:Hydraulic Drive & Pneumatic Drive Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THEX-E1 consists of DC power supply, high/low frequency signal generator, frequency meter and experiment modules. It is designed for the courses of "Communication Theory", "Modern Communication Theory", "SPC Digital Exchange Theory & Application", "Optical Fiber Communication", "TMS320C54xDSP Theory & Application" etc. and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses. The experiment covers high frequency, program control, optical fiber, analog/digital communication, and digital signal processing etc. which is above hundred items.
    • Communication theory: analog modulation, digital baseband transmission, sine carrier digital modulation, digital modulation of analog signal, error control code, orthogonal code and pseudo random sequence etc..
    • SPC: SPC system module, SPC system, relay interface etc.
    • Fiber: square wave, PN code transmission, CMI code light transmission, WDM fiber communication etc.
    • CPLD: CMI code/decode, disturbing code and undisturbed, pseudo random code generator etc.
    • DSP: BOOTLOADER loading, FFT algorithm, FFT analysis of AD sampling, convolve algorithm, correlation algorithm etc.

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