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Product Name:THEXT-E1 Modern Communication Principle & Technology Lab System
Product Series:Hydraulic Drive & Pneumatic Drive Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THEXT-E1 consists of two large-scale programmable logic devices (Altera) with graphic and VHDL input function and kinds of clock signal generator, analog signal generator and other experiment devices. It is designed for the courses of "Modern Communication Theory" etc. and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses.
    • Pseudo random code generator, dual way bidirectional analog switch, HDB3 code/decode circuit, 2DPSK modulation and demodulation, 4-phase differential code/decode, QPSK modulation theory, FSK modulation and demodulation, PCM code, (15, 6) cycle code, (2, 1, 6) convolve code etc.
    • Digital game watch, digital frequency meter, PC serial interface communication

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