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Product Name:THECJ-E1 Modern Stored Program Controlled Exchange Lab System
Product Series:Hydraulic Drive & Pneumatic Drive Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THECJ-E1 consists of programmable device, microprocessor, exchange module and phone processing module etc. It is designed for course of "Stored Program Controlled Exchange Theory" with technology of programmable device and microprocessor. It meets requirements of courses, graduation and innovation design in universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services.
    • SPC exchange system module: code/decode unit of voice path PCM CODEC, dual-tone multifrequency receiving and test unit etc.
    • SPC exchange system: manual, space division, time division
    • Relay interface: space division, time division
    • Program debug: LCD, keyboard scanning etc.
    • Curriculum Project: time division exchange, program controlled exchange and PC communication etc.

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