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Product Name:THFCS-E1 Profibus Process Control Objects Lab System
Product Series:Process Control & Instruments Training Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THFCS-E1 objects system is composed of stainless steel frame, organic glass tanks (upper, middle, lower), stainless steel boiler, spiral tube for heat exchange, stainless steel magnetic force driving pump, stainless steel pipe, and manual valve, etc. It is designed for courses of "Automatic Control Theory", "Process Control", "Automation Instruments", and "Sensors Detection & Conversion Technology" in college and vocational schools. Additionally, the available objects system facilitates researching on complex control system, smart control system, etc.
    Controlled parameters covering flow, pressure, liquid level, temperature;
    Actuators including electric valves, and frequency converter;
    Available step disturbance generated by adjusting the setting of regulator, as well as other kinds of disturbances formed using solenoid valve and manual valve;
    Several kinds of control circuits formed by a controlled parameter, electric circuits with different techniques, and different kinds of power sources and actuators;
    Ability of performing exercises of multivariable control system and specially process control system.
    • Power supply: 3-phase 380V±10 50Hz    
    • Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    • Power capacity: <4kVA   
    • Dimensions: 165×78×195cm
    • Buildup and known of Field Bus control system
    • Configuration and programming of slave software
    • Interface configuration and communication of master software
    • Objective characteristic test of single-capacity tank system
    • Objective Characteristic test of double-capacity tank system
    • PID control of upper tank liquid level
    • PID control of double-capacity tank lower tank liquid level
    • Fixed value control of triple-tank liquid level
    • PID control of inner boiler temperature
    • PID control of boiler jacket temperature
    • PID control of the single closed-loop flow
    • On-off control of inner boiler Temperature
    • Cascade control of liquid levels
    • Cascade control of three closed-loop liquid level
    • Cascade control of boiler jacket and inner boiler temperature
    • Cascade control of inner boiler temperature & inlet flow
    • Cascade control of liquid Level & inlet flow
    • Ratio control of single closed-loop flow
    • Feedforward-feedback control of the liquid level & flow
    • Feedforward-feedback control of inner boiler temperature & flow
    • Temperature Lag-time control
    • Flow Pure lag-time control
    • Decoupling control of the boiler jacket and inner boiler temperature
    • Decoupling control of upper tank liquid level and outlet temperature

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