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Product Name:THPHY-E2 Frequency Conversion Constant Pressure Water Supply Training System
Product Series:Building Automation Series
Product Introduction

Technical Description
    The THPHY-E2 consists of special frequency converter for water supply, frequency conversion magnetic force driving pump, dormancy pump, fire pump, pressure transducer, pressure instrument, water pipe, water faucet, reservoir etc. It is designed for the courses of "Intelligent Building", "Building Electric", "Building Automation" etc. and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses.
    • Power supply: 3-phase 380V±10% 50Hz    
    • Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    • Power capacity: <5kVA     
    • Dimensions: 1668×805×1484 cm
    • Cognition of the special frequency converter for water supply
    • Circular start and stop of magnetic force pump
    • Static control of pipe networks pressure
    • Dynamic control of pipe networks pressure
    • Pressure control of special time water supply  
    • Constant voltage water supply in fire controlling mode 
    • Energy-saving water supply in night mode
    • Manual soft start 
    • Constant voltage water supply of frequency converter PID controlling
    • Constant voltage water supply of master software PID control 

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